Social proof widgets for Weebly

Weebly is a website builder, meaning it offers the tools people need to build their own websites quickly and with less effort than coding from scratch. It’s also quite complete, which means it doesn’t just end up at the build stage, but helps you fully get additional tools for SEO, backups.

For our clients who use Weebly – we have added the ability to integrate with our Proofdy app. To integrate Proofdy with Weebly, you need to create an account in the Proofdy app, then create a notification campaign and insert the pixel code on your website. Then you can display all the necessary widgets on the site. Also, do not forget that we can use conversion widgets: Latest conversion and Conversions counter based on real orders of your site. Every time you have a real order on your site – pull the widget Webhook, thus, our Proofdy system will automatically understand when you have received a new conversion and will update all the data of the created widget. As a result, the widgets display real data of your conversions.

Give your site

We give you a functional tool for setting up pop-up notifications for your website - you have the creative freedom to customize any marketing scenarios to make your site interactive. Use your powers wisely!

Connect Proofdy in less than:

90 seconds

Install pixel code

Copy and paste the pixel code to any site where you want to display widgets.


Create campaigns and widgets

Go to dashboard and create a new campaign for your domain, then create widgets.


Enjoy the results

See instant results.
Analytics provides the following information: impressions, hover, clicks, submitting forms.

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