How it works

You need a new pair of shoes for a special event and you decide to go shopping online.
You've heard about this new online shoe store with a great selection, but you're not sure if you should believe all the hype.
You land on their website and start to browse, and as you do, you ask yourself some questions...
«Can I trust this website? Is this a legit business? Should I believe their reviews?»
Fair questions to consider before you make any purchase online.
Then, you see a notification appear...
«Maria from Los Angeles just made a purchase 24 minutes ago!»
Immediately you feel more confident in making the purchase, because other real people are doing the same thing.
This new online store looks more trustworthy, so you buy the shoes from them instead of someone else.
And you feel great because you're not the only one making that same decision.
Last updated on: 21 March, 2020