Sanatorium / Recreation Center / Hotel / Hostel

How to increase sales of a sanatorium / recreation center / hotel / hostel?

A key feature of hospitality business is the fact that it has to “come closer” with the consumer. The owner of such a business always has to present his offers to the potential client in the most appealing manner. When working in a competitive environment, it is important to be different, find your niche and always be visible to the potential customers.

The consumer’s choice in this area is based on such features as: location, service, food, but the most important is to pack this service in the most “beautiful” way and “deliver” it to the potential customer at the right time.

Understanding and emphasizing all your company’s features, you make SEO optimization, customize search queries, make contextual advertising. All this is very important for such a competitive field as tourism. But what if your conversion rate still doesn’t increase?

Proofdy offers you turnkey solutions, real ideas to increase the conversion between your site’s visitors. Add social evidences to your site to increase visitors’ confidence in your company and the conversion.

Proofdy provides you with the full range of tools needed to increase the conversion of your company’s visitors from regular users to real buyers, as well as attract potential customers, segment your audience and increase sales.


Our solutions for you:

  1. Text message, the “Informational” widget is one of the most common widgets. “Welcome to our company’s site. If you want to consult us, open online chat window.” (photo with message)
  2. Offer widget, “Image” widget – show users a unique picture – offer (photo). Text for the picture: “All Inclusive offer from our hotel!”
  3. “Coupon” widget – if you need customers for a specific offer – give a discount and provide a coupon. With our widget, each potential client who visited your site will find out about your offer. (photo widget Coupon)
  4. Show users how many people are currently on the site, or how many people have visited your site during a certain period of time using the “Live Counter” widget. Thus, new visitors will see how often people visit your site.
  5. “Email Collector” – collect your customers’ data, it can be a phone number, it can be an e-mail (photo) “Do you want to find out about our hotel’s offers? Subscribe to Notifications!”
  6. Show the latest conversion using the Conversion Counter widget – show how often people book rooms in your hotel.
  7. “Random Review” widget – show any tour or last-minute offer reviews (photo) Monica Vagner – “Thanks to all Hotel’s staff for excellent welcome. We will definitely recommend it to our friends and acquaintances.”
  8. Widget “Request Collector” – helps you collect the visitors’ feedback from any page of your tour offer.
  9. Create a powerful FOMO (fear of Missing Out) with our powerful widgets you won’t have to wait long for convention increase. Use already developed ones, or experiment. Everything is in your hands and there is no limit!
  10. Download automatic random data that will be displayed on the site for users
  11. Send Webhook for any of the services.

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We give you a functional tool for setting up pop-up notifications for your website - you have the creative freedom to customize any marketing scenarios to make your site interactive. Use your powers wisely!

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