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Social proof: Live counter

This widget displays online visitor counter of your website. The activity in the form of a heated discussion can involve a casual user and delay on the site. And when a person sees that right now someone is buying something on the site, it definitely inspires confidence and the very «herd effect». Of course, you might think that everything is rigged, but nonetheless. Such a social proof tool will definitely work better than a countdown timer.

This widget has the following settings:

  • Basic – here we set up the title and text of the message, the image that we want to show, URL links for clicking on the buttons.
  • Trigger – here we set up where should the notification appear, on all pages or on specific URL, on pages starting with a specific part of the URL, on pages that end on a specific part of the URL, on pages containing specific text. You can also add any other trigger if you want to add several conditions at the same time.
  • Display – here we set up duration, display positions, display or not the close button and branding.
  • Styles – here we set up title color, background, background template, button color, border radius and shadow, animation for notification to appear and disappearи.

If you still have questions, please contact our support. Our managers will be happy to help you.

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