Request collector

Request collector widget

This social proof widget was created to collect data and generate new leads. Can be configured to the user’s intention to leave the website or any other action. The difference from Collector bar is in the ability to upload manager photo, as well as in the nature of the display.

Widget is used for:

  1. Intention to leave the site.
  2. To leave a question to the manager.
  3. To leave a review about the website.
  4. To leave phone numbers to manager to contact the website visitor.
  5. To leave Email addresses to subscribe to a specific news or event.

You can configure display time, display URL address, user action (time on website, % page scrolling), display frequency, display device selection, display duration, changing widget styles and design.

This widget has the following settings:

  • Basic settings – here we configure the title and message text, the picture that we want to show, URL links for clicking on the buttons.
  • Triggers – here we configure where the notification should be displayed, on all pages or on specific URL, on pages starting with a specific part of the URL, on pages that end on a specific part of the URL, on pages containing specific text. You can also add any other trigger if you want to add several conditions at the same time.
  • Display – here we configure the display duration, the widget position, the close button display and branding.
  • Styles – here we configure the title color, background, background template, button color, border radius and shadow, animation of the appearance and disappearance of the widget.
  • Data – here we configure Webhook, sending notifications to the Email address. All received data from Proofdy notifications are saved in the data section.

If you still have questions, please contact our support. Our managers will be happy to help you.

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