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Personal account

  • How install Proofdy on website?
    1. Register.
    2. Select “Add campaign” in your personal account.
    3. Enter the name of your first campaign and the domain on which you want to show popup notifications.
    4. If necessary, you can enable the “Enable sub-domains” option. (If enabled, notifications will work on all sub-domains.)
    5. Install Pixel code on your website. Copy and paste the code before ending of your website. Pixel example:

          <!-- Pixel Code for -->
          <script async src="</script>
          <!-- END Pixel Code -->
  • How trigger notifications on website?
    1. Sign in to your campaign.
    2. Select “Add notification”.
    3. Select the desired widget.
    4. Give the widget a name.
    5. Make the required settings.
    6. Near the name of the widget – change the status from Off to On.
    7. Done, Proofdy – it works.
  • Personal account features

    In your personal account, for your use, the following sections:

    1. Dashboard. This section is used to create campaigns and notifications. Turn campaigns or notifications on or off. View statistics for all campaigns, or a separate notification, collecting data from users.
    2. Account. View and edit personal information, change account passwords, and enable or disable two-factor authentication.
    3. Subscription. Display of the selected tariff and a list of its functionality, limitations. Here, you can renew, pay or change the selected tariff.
    4. Payments. This section displays the history and date of your payments.
    5. Logs. This section shows the login history (date and time) of your Proofdy account and your personal IP address.


  • What can I customize in widgets?

    Depending on the widget you have chosen, in your personal account, you can configure:

    1. Basic settings.
    2. Trigger.
    3. Display.
    4. Styles.
    5. Data.
  • What can I change in the «Basic» section?

    Depending on the widget you have chosen, in your personal account, you can configure:

    1. Select the title and message text.
    2. Specify the path of the picture – which you want to show.
    3. Specify the path of the button – where you want to direct the user.
    4. Enter the button text.
  • What can I change in the «Trigger» section?

    Depending on the widget you have chosen, in your personal account, you can configure:

    1. Where should the notification appear? On all pages, or on specific URL, or on pages starting with a specific part of the URL, or pages that end on a specific part of the URL, or on pages containing specific text. You can also add any other trigger if you want to add several conditions at the same time.
    2. Trigger display. In which event should the notification appear? With a delay of X seconds (if the user is on the page for X sec). When intending to leave the website (when the cursor moves beyond the boundaries of the open site in the browser). At scroll percentage (if the user has scrolled a certain amount on your website).
    3. Frequency display. How often do you want to show your notification? Once per visit, always, once per browser.
    4. Select the device on which to show your notifications. Both desktop and mobile, or only desktop or mobile.
  • What can I customize in the «Display» section?

    Depending on the widget you have chosen, in your personal account, you can configure:

    1. Duration. Set the time in seconds that you want your notification to be shown to the user. Attention! If you enter -1, your notification will be shown continuously.
    2. Display positions. Depending on the selected widget, different display positions of your widget are presented. This can be: bottom left, bottom right, center, center left, center right, etc.
    3. Select whether or not to display the close button. And also whether or not to show Proofdy branding.
  • What can I customize in the «Styles» section?
    1. Title color. You can change the title color.
    2. Background color. You can change the background color on which your notification will appear.
    3. Background template. There are several background images to choose from for your notifications.
    4. Button color. Set the button color you need to match the styles of your website.
    5. Set the required border radius, border color, border width.
    6. Whether or not to display a shadow.
    7. Choose an animation for your notification to appear and disappear. We recommend that your widget appears and disappears in sync.
  • What can I customize in the «Data» section?

    In this section, depending on the widget you have chosen, you have the opportunity to:

    1. Send the received data to external sources via Webhook. Example: When activating the widget “Latest conversion” or “Conversions counter”, you get a Webhook, which you can use for any other widget (Email collector, Modal collector 1, Collector bar, Modal collector 2, Request collector, Countdown collector). Latest widgets collect data for you and send to widgets that show real data to other users.
    2. Email – receive online notifications to your mail.
    3. All received data from Proofdy notifications are saved in the data section.

Payment and subscription

  • How pay for subscription?
    1. After registration, in your personal account, go to the (Package) section.
    2. Click (Renew / change subscription).
    3. Select the tariff you need.
    4. Select a payment plan (Monthly payment / Annual).
    5. Choose an online payment method.
    6. Choose your preferred payment type (One-time payment / Recurring payment).
    7. Enter the card details on the payment system website.
    8. After making a payment, the payment history will be available in the (Payments) section.


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